Cuisinart ICE-30BC Ice Cream Maker

Cuisinart ICE-30BCThe Cuisinart ICE-30BC Ice Cream Maker is among the top picks in the world of homemade ice cream machines for us as it never been easier to make delicious ice-cream, sorbet, yogurt or frozen drinks before. It is great addition to your kitchen or parties, very easy to use, clean or put together and servers 2 quarts of frozen desserts!


This frozen dessert maker has got 2 quart capacity (aprox 2 litres) of frozen yogurt, sorbet or ice-cream. Its super simple to use from start to finish, fully automatic and will make your frozen treat under 25minutes thanks to the powerful, heavy duty motor. It also features a large ingredient spout and double insulated freezing bowl, just add your favourite mix-ins ingredients and turn on!

To make life a bit easier this good looking machine housed in stainless steel comes with a recipe, instruction book and 3 year warranty.

Dimensions are 8.25″ x 8.00″ x 11.25″.

The Good:

  • Consistently smooth ice cream, sorbet or yogurt
  • Ability to use the ingredient spout without interrupting the freezing cycle
    Double insulated freezing bowl
  • Build in cord storage for a neat storage
  • Easy clean-up
  • Non-slip rubber feet
  • Automatic turn off if the motor overheats

The Bad:

  • A little bit noisy
  • Freezer bowl needs to be already frozen before use, it is best to keep it in your freezer at all times for unexpected ice cream cravings

Who Should Buy This Ice Cream Machine?

While the retail price on the Cusinart ICE-30BC is $145 it is currently available at 40% off, which makes it a great option for you if you are looking for a good quality ice cream maker but like a bargain too. Ideal for those who like a wide range of frozen treats with its ability to make sorbets, ice cream and frozen yogurts.

Fun for smaller family gathering such as bbq’s or parties, great for families with kids, but for larger parties you would need a machine that can constantly pump out batch after batch.


This ice cream maker is an excellent machine for the price and is good for most of your general ice cream making needs. Whilst it isn’t as convenient as one that doesn’t require a freezer bowl it is one of the best at what it does.