Hamilton Beach 68330R

Hamilton Beach 68330RThe Hamilton Beach 68330R is beautiful in its simplicity. It’s a no-frills, does exactly what it says it will do machine that costs no more than a few tubs of your favourite ice cream would cost in the store.

If you want to get back to basics with an affordable, easy to use ice cream maker then please read on.


The 68330R will make up to 4 quarts of ice cream in between 20 and 40 minutes all by itself, with no manual intervention required. Just set it up with all the ingredients, hit the button and let it do its thing.

As with most other ice cream makers, you can also make frozen yogurt and gelato with it too.

The machine uses a method that requires plenty of ice and rock salt, so you do have some extra ingredients to buy but if you get them in bulk they can be very cheap.

The Good:

  • No need to pre-freeze a freezer bowl so you can keep pumping out ice cream all day as long as you have enough ice!
  • The machine automatically switches off when the correct level of viscosity is reached, so no guesswork.
  • Great tasting ice cream at a rock bottom price! This machine will pay for itself once you’ve used it 5-10 times.

The Bad:

  • You will need a lot of ice and rock salt
  • Not the most sturdy of construction, but look after it and it will still last for years
  • A little slower to produce ice cream than other types of machine

Who Should Buy The Hamilton Beach 68330R Ice Cream Maker?

This ice cream maker is ideal for someone looking to try home made ice cream for the first time and who doesn’t want to spend a lot on a machine before they know they will enjoy it.

It’s also great for families on a budget or who have lots of kids and they need to keep a constant supply of ice cream coming to keep them quiet!


For under $35 you really can’t go wrong with this ice cream maker. Over 240 customers have given it an average rating of 4.3 out of 5 stars on Amazon which is an amazingly high rating considering it’s basic ability to make ice cream. This is a no frills machine, there’s no mistaking that – but if you want a simple way to make some ice cream for your family then you should definitely check this out by clicking here.