Yonanas 902 Ice Cream Treat Maker

Yonanas 902The Yonanas 902 Ice Cream Treat Maker is a really interesting machine in that it’s not what you’d call a traditional ice cream maker. Rather, the base ingredient for the “ice cream” that this machine makes is in fact bananas!

The Yonanas will make frozen fruit desserts that have the smooth creamy consistency of ice cream whilst being far more healthier given that it’s made entirely of fruit.

For a basic recipe just use bananas, but let yourself go wild with whatever combinations of fruits you can think up – or just read some great ones in the included recipe book!


This machine can create lovely soft serve fruity desserts that resemble frozen yoghurt in texture with a chute that can take bananas, berries, mangos and all other kinds of fruits.

The Good:

  • A really healthy alternative to ice cream
  • Super fun!
  • Really quick to make – it works off frozen fruit so as long as you have some, you can make your dessert in minutes. This is unlike most ice cream makers where you have to pre-freeze a bowl and then put the ice cream in the freezer afterwards.
  • It will just keep on producing – as long as you’ve got enough fruit to keep passing into it it will keep on going… Again, this is in contrast to ice cream makers that use freezer bowls that need to be refrozen after each batch.

The Bad:

  • It’s not ice cream

Who Should Buy The Yonanas 902 Ice Cream Treat Maker?

This really stands out as something that would be great for anyone watching their diet but who still has a sweet tooth that needs to be satisfied. The soft-serve fruit seems like a strange concept but until you try it it’s hard to understand how delicious it can be!

That’s not to say that only dieters should buy this however. It’s also a great unit to keep in the kitchen for the whole family as it is really fun and delicious… No it’s not ice-cream, but it’s a lot of fun and could be a great way for you to get your kids to eat some fruit.


A really great treat for those who like something a little bit different or who want an alternative to unhealthy ice cream. This machine isn’t going to break the bank either, so you really don’t have to choose one or the other between this and a real ice cream maker – just get both.